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New Sony S1 and S2 Videos and Pictures

As a courtesy of our friends in Italy, there are some new pictures and videos of the Sony S1 and S2 Android tablets. Have a look.

Official Press Release: Sony Unveils Honeycomb Tablets

Sony is officially in the tablet space, with two new Android Honeycomb tablets on the way! On the heels of our breaking story revealing details and pictures of the new Sony Tablets, we decided to re-release the official press release, just for you.

Sony S1 & S2 Tablet Trailer in HD

Sony Corporation unleashed the official trailer for their upcoming Android tablets. Have a peek.

Sony Tablet Details, Pictures, and Release Date Finally Revealed!

New Sony Tablets Allow Connection to PlayStation Suite

There have long been talks of both a Sony tablet, and a PlayStation tablet. Well folks, we finally got our hands on the complete details. Sony is not only introducing one tablet, they’re introducing two tablets – and both will allow you access to a full suite of PlayStation games.

First Image of Sony Tablet Revealed

There has long been talks of a Sony Ericsson tablet. We believe we have the very first image of it right here. Check it out!

Sony Wants The Tablet Industry Number Two Spot by 2012

The official word is that Sony tablets are on the way. We already had a feeling that Sony was working on a tablet when we came across some Sony tablet FCC filings a few weeks ago. Now we know for certain.

Surprise Sony VAIO Tablet PCG-31211L

Appearing in the FCC database today, we found some important documents hinting at an upcoming Sony VAIO tablet. Here’s what we know about the future of Sony.

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