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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Recall

Some BlackBerry PlayBook tablets are being recalled due to faulty operating systems. Could your tablet be affected?

Android App Player Demo for BlackBerry PlayBook

We’re going to ease up just a little bit on the BlackBerry PlayBook, because it will soon offer a variety of applications, inclusive of Android apps, via BlackBerry PlayBook’s App Player. Say what? Check out the demo video and it will all make sense.

BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.3 Release Notes Explained

BlackBerry PlayBook owners are about to receive an important update, enabling BBM and Video Chatting, among other features. Get the full scoop on BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.3.

Bells & Whistles: BlackBerry PlayBook Gets an App World Makeover!

Here’s a little razz, jazz, and matazz for you!┬áHave a look at the brand new and redesigned BlackBerry App World store front, exclusively for BlackBerry PlayBook!

BlackBerry PlayBook Release Explored

Exploring The BlackBerry PlayBook Release

The long awaited BlackBerry PlayBook is finally here. Released April 19, 2011 in retail stores across the USA and Canada, BlackBerry PlayBook is fighting its launch battle and trying to claim a spot in the already saturated tablet market.

BlackBerry PlayBook: Pre-Order, Pricing, and Release Date Revealed

After months of speculation and a loose April release date confirmed for what feels like ages, RIM finally blows the lid off the can by revealing all of the details about the upcoming PlayBook tablet release.

BlackBerry PlayBook 7Digital Music Store

BlackBerry PlayBook fans are in for a pleasant treat as the device will be rolling out with its very own music store powered by 7Digital. This video says it all.

First Look at Stereoscopic 3D on BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has some robust features. 1080p HD video, micro HDMi output, and Stereoscopic 3D just to name a few. If these features interest you, this video may be the healthy dose of PlayBook action you were looking for today.

Electronics Arts Releasing BlackBerry PlayBook Games

While the BlackBerry PlayBook by design (and lineage) will always be aimed at delivering a highly polished office solution, we all know that our business-minded friends crave entertainment too. That’s why Electronics Arts will be releasing select titles for BlackBerry PlayBook.

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