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iPad Power Saving Tips

Tips and tricks to save battery life on your iPad.

How Do I Reboot my iPad?

New iPad user? How do I reboot my iPad? It’s simple, and we will be happy to show you how.

How Will iCloud + Twitter Change the iOS Equation?

We know from Apple’s press release that Monday’s WWDC Keynote will be focused on a new service titled iCloud, and last minute rumors have started snowballing that Twitter will become a major integrated component into iOS 5. But what will these two new factors really bring to the iOS ecosystem? In what ways can we [...]

NVIDIA CEO Says Android Domination

At a recent event in New York, NVIDIA’s CEO made a bold statement about the future position of the Android OS within the tablet market. Can you say, Android domination?

Can Chrome OS for Business and Education Compete with the iPad?

Apple iPad vs Google Chromebook

Yesterday, Google announced a new plan to bring “Chromebooks”, cheap netbooks that run one app and one app only: the Chrome web browser, to business and education using a revolutionary new pricing scheme.

Video: Wi-Fi Only iPad 2 GPS Navigation

Wi-Fi Only iPad 2 with GPS Navigation

If you’re an iPhone owner, it appears that you don’t need to purchase a 3G model of the iPad if you want to use it on the go. Not only can you share your iPhone’s data connection with the iPad via personal hotspot, but the phone will also pass GPS information to the iPad when [...]

Apple’s Secret Xcode Template: The Key to Digital Publishing?

Sources have indicated that Apple may be working on a new template for it’s Xcode development environment which makes designing and publishing magazines, comics, graphic novels, and other similar content a breeze. Not only would this make it easy for existing publications to move onto the App Store, but it will allow brand new start-ups [...]

iOS 4.3 Release Notes and Demo Video

Apple released the latest version of iOS. We not only have all the release notes, but an exclusive video demonstration of the new iOS 4.3 features to match! Explore iOS 4.3 in all its beauty.

Adobe Releases Wallaby to Convert Flash to HTML5

Adobe just released Wallaby, a new technology that converts Flash to HTML5. While it is still within its infancy stage and lacks sorely in its abilities, it is a clear indication of the power of iOS.

Enterprise Edition of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Now Available

Adobe announced the availability of the Enterprise Edition of their Digital Publishing Suite. This will surely accelerate the means by which publishers bring their content to our tablets.

Breaking News – First iPad 2 Pictures and Details Revealed

We weren’t kidding when we said we heard Steve Jobs would make it to the big Apple event today. Steve took the stage with a crowded room, and commanded his points about the success of the App Store and the iPad. Then he revealed iPad 2 in all its glory!

The Selling Power of the iPad

If you want to see why Apple is being so bullish about it’s App Store revenue these days, just take a look at this infographic. Apple’s predicted App Store revenue for 2011 is $15 Billion, and their customers spend far more money on 3rd party apps and services than the competition’s.

Will App Store Subscriptions Diminish the Appeal of iOS?

How much of an impact Apple’s new subscription model will have on it’s App Store business, and by extension the iOS platform as a whole, remains to be seen. It’s certainly stirred up quite a reaction from the blogosphere, and from a few minor developers. We haven’t really heard from any of the major players [...]

iOS 4.3 Beta Reveals New Features for iPad

Last night was a big night for those following Apple’s mobile devices – they seeded the first Beta release of iOS 4.3, the newest version of the iPhone and iPad operating system. Currently iPads and iPhones run iOS 4.2.1, so this is just an incremental upgrade, but it brings with it a lot of new [...]

iPad’s Home Button: One Button Too Many?

In the wake of the new multitouch gestures found in iOS 4.3, there has been a lot of discussion about whether or not we could see the Home button (the lone button on the face of any iOS device) become obsolete and removed from future hardware.

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