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Texas Instruments Announces OMAP 5 Quad Core Chipset for Tablets

The future of your tablet just got brighter. TI’s revolutionary quad core chipset for tablets will provide increased processing performance, lower power consumption, gesture recognition, and stereoscopic 3D video.

Intel Almost Has It Right With Tablet Chips

Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini spoke fairly openly at today’s Barclay Capital Global Technology Conference in San Francisco. While much of Intel’s focus will remain within traditional form factors like desktop PC’s and Notebooks for the immediate future, the company suggests increasing awareness surrounding two key markets – smart phones and you guessed it, Tablets.

Introducing Atmel MaxTouch Chips for Large Tablets

Leading capacitive touch solutions design and manufacturing giant, Atmel Corporation, today announced it is shipping production quantities of the Atmel maXTouch mXT1386 and mXT616 chipsets for large touchscreens (up to 15 inches). These new chipsets are the latest and greatest in terms of maXTouch technology, and will be powering a number of upcoming Tablets in [...]

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