Android 3.2 Zooming in on Little Apps

The Android platform will soon be offering some new screen zoom options to accommodate larger screens, and larger pixels.

Herein lies one of the issues with the Android OS for tablets. Yes, Honeycomb looks nice. Yes, there are tons of Honeycomb tablets. Yes, that’s the exact problem.

There are so many Android tablets coming out in varying sizes, that some larger screen tablets like our Motorola Xoom or our Galaxy Tab 10.1 dont play so nice with Apps designed and optimized for smaller screens.

Android will be releasing a new feature which allows you to “stretch to fit” Apps when they may not be playing so nicely with your robust screen resolution.

This will be immediately available with Android 3.2. It should have been available from day one, and if all we’re doing is stretching to zoom, we’re dealing with cramming pixels into space where it doesn’t belong.

I smell blurry content and funky big pixels.

We’ll see how it goes. All in all it doesn’t look horrible with Google Maps, we’ll see how the rest plays out when android 3.2 drops shortly.

android 3.2 zoom feature

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