Will the iPad 2 Shed Weight with Carbon Fiber Skin?

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of this rumor, but given it’s reappearance on the eve of the iPad 2′s public unveil from a normally reliable source, it bears taking another look at.

One of the reasons some manufacturers have said 7″ tablets have a future is the fact that the iPad can be uncomfortable to hold after an extended period of time in one hand. If Apple did want to address the weight of the iPad without reducing the size of the screen, there is little they could do other than change out the material of the body without otherwise compromising something like battery life.

So assuming Apple thinks the iPad needs to be lighter (which I would say is not clearly the case), it would make sense for them to go with a material like Carbon Fiber instead of Aluminum for the enclosure. It offers similar rigidity and strength for much less weight, but at a higher cost as well.

We will know the answer to this and other questions in just five short days! As we approach the event we will be posting a full analysis of our predictions as well as any last minute details we find out.

Source: Daring Fireball.

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