First Leaked Image of iPad 2 is Bogus

We’re just over 48 hours away from Apple’s iPad 2 unveiling event, and the news world is going wild with iPad 2 rumors. This morning we have what is reportedly the first image of iPad 2.

This image is quickly spreading accross the internet, like wildifre actually. Sources all over are claiming this is the real deal, that this is the official first iPad 2 photo.

While this image is a great indication of what iPad 2 should look like, it is clearly not an actual product image, or even an official Apple mock up. The truth is, this is a fan mock up, and a damn good one. Even the source of the image, Boy Genius Report, seems to think so.

We took a closer look at this mock up of iPad 2, and without a doubt, side by side with the original iPad mock up, you can see where the baseline was drawn from.

UPDATE: MARCH 2 2011 – While this turned out to be a fake image, it was very, very close to the real thing. This is actually almost identical, minus a few tweaks, to the official iPad2 images showing the back of the 3G version.

What are your thoughts on the reportedly leaked image of iPad 2? Post your comments.

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