HP TouchPad Revival? No Chance.

Of all the disasters in tablet history, albeit short lived, HP holds the biggest flop.

Before you even realized it was a possibility, the HP TouchPad became the fastest selling tablet around. Not for its stylish good looks, its power, promise, or even its long term strategy. This time, a tablet sold out because it was a fire sale. A moving sale. A closing of shop.

Look around, you cant find an TouchPad anywhere. Why? Because they went on sale for $99. A dramatic $300+ price cut to sooth the pains of hundreds of thousands of TouchPad’s sitting on retail warehouse shelves collecting dust.

HP liquidated their assetts and unearthed a heavy burden they have been carrying for years: consumer hardware. With HP closing up shop, the TouchPad is dead, indefanitley. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

There have been some reports suggesting HP will bring back WebOS and revive the TouchPad. HP is now even fulfillingĀ back orders after their little fire sale extravaganza – but there’s no profits there, just recovering some of the losses.

HP TouchPad revival? No chance. Seriously, not even a glimmer of hope for all of you new TouchPad owners out there. Sure you got yourself a sweet iPad knock off for just $99, but the buck stops there.

Enjoy it while it lasts, and stop dreaming, dreamers. TouchPad is dead.

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