Will Long Rumored ‘Find My Friends’ Fall from the iCloud?

We originally published this post before the launch of the iPad 2. The announcement clearly didn’t happen then, but I firmly believe that the same fundamental app I describe in this post is coming, probably on Monday’s event. Come revisit this speculation with us and get a glimpse at the new FaceTime focused Find My Friends app for iCloud!

Ok this one is pure speculation folks but we won’t have to wait long to see how right or wrong I am here. There have been a few last minute little birdies chirping that Apple may have something social in the works to show off for the iPad 2 debut just hours from now, perhaps a social location based app? I think I know what this app is going to be. Follow me down the rabbit hole.

Last summer, after the debut of the iPhone 4 and FaceTime, a video came along for an app called ‘Faceplant’. This app solved a major usability issue with FaceTime, it was designed to show you which of your friends were currently within WiFi and hence whether or not they were available for a FaceTime call. I have embedded the video showing off the product below:

I was hugely excited for this App, but it disappeared. Beyond this video, I have never seen or heard of this app again, and it was never released.


Because Apple probably got in touch with the developers and said ‘hey guys, we’re already doing this’ – and were going to see it today.

It makes perfect sense. The iPad 2 is going to be FaceTime compatible. For months we’ve heard rumors of and seen references to a new Apple created social service, perhaps tied into a MobileMe overhaul, called ‘Find My Friends’. We’ve even seen references to it in the 4.3 beta code.

Find My Friends is Apple’s FacePlant. It will let you find your friends, and integrate seamlessly with FaceTime allowing you to see if they’re available for a video chat. I would bet cash on it right here right now. We will find out in a few hours but this is what my gut tells me has to be the answer to the FacePlant mystery.

We will find out soon enough!

What do you think? I would be pretty surprised if we didn’t see something very cool and FaceTime focused in iOS 5!

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