Dell Highlights The Importance of Tablets in Education

As we watch the tablet industry explode, we are witnessing the birth of various programs and incentives within all market segments that are positioned with the intention of persuading tablet adoption.

Dell is now teaming up with New York Educators to bring new tablet based learning experiences to the classroom. Find out more about the upcoming program and what it could mean for the tablet market.

Dell just announced they are participating in a new program with the New York State Association for Computers and Technology in Education  (NYSCATE) and SkillsTutor by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH).

The intention of the program? To meet the evolving needs of educators by bringing cutting-edge digital content to New York classrooms.

New York State Educators particpating in the NYSCATE professional development workshop summer will be afforded the opportunity to learn how easily Dell tablets and HMH’s SkillsTutor content can be integrated into instructional practices.

Dell will be offering up their Inspirion Duo Convertible Windows 7 Tablet, in addition to the Android 2.2 based Dell Streak 7, with increased options to Educators as Dell expands their tablet portfolio.

SkillsTutor software is loaded on each tablet and is said to easily integrate into technology infrastructures and learning environments. This in turn enables educators to access large amounts of previously inaccessible digital content on industry-standard platforms.

Used by millions of students nationwide already, the SkillsTutor solutions support grades K-12 through adult education, and offers engaging and personalized instruction covering more than 2,200 activities – reading, language arts, mathematics and science, among others.

The alliance is designed to serve as a blueprint for others nationwide, bridging the gap between digital content, technology and professional development by engaging and empowering students through cutting edge instructional practices.

This is a clear indication of the power of tablets. There are a lot of people right now that have a tablet and don’t like it because they just don’t get it. There are even more people out there that have heard about tablets but are hesitant because they don’t understand. This type of program gives users of all ages an opportunity to familiarize themselves with tablets, and actually integrate them with common activities associated with the traditional learning experience.

Not only is this program going to enable users to become comfortable with what tablets can offer us, it will also open up the flood gates to other programs designed to incentivize tablet growth. Guess who funds public schools? The US government, and each local and state government (aside from tax payers of course, but you know who’s writing the checks).

You want a grant for your school? These programs are going to boost technology spending and perhaps allocate more into the annual budgets nationwide for “classroom enhancements”.

Naturally there are politcs to sift through, but the 10,000 foot birds eye view is that this program with Dell and New York State Educators is just the first of many. Expect tablets to infiltrate schools nationwide and become a key focus of providing tutoring and content rich education for years to come.

Don’t even get me started on how the Cloud will boost and solidify all of this. That’s another discussion all togheter.

What do you think? Are tablets going to becoming increasingly popular within educational environments? Leave your comments below.

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