Android App Player Demo for BlackBerry PlayBook

We’re going to ease up just a little bit on the BlackBerry PlayBook, because it will soon offer a variety of applications, inclusive of Android apps, via BlackBerry PlayBook’s App Player. Say what? Check out the demo video and it will all make sense.

Not that Android has a whole lot of tablet specific Apps to be proud of just yet, but we know it will get there. Android has huge developer support in the mobile space, and that will quite simply just translate over to tablets and Honeycomb.

Having said that, the BlackBerry PlayBook has a nifty little card up its sleeve. Say hello to the App Player for BlackBerry PlayBook. This great feature, available soon, will open up your PlayBook to a whole world of fresh applications – and not just from BlackBerry App World.

We’re talking full Android App support here, and this is huge.

One of the major complaints around every new tablet release has been the lack of great Apps. The selection literally pales in comparison to that of the iPad and the iOS platform, and this was a particular sticky point for the PlayBook launch.

RIM realized very quickly that their tablet would fall face flat without great developer support. So how do they supplement the current lack of PlayBook apps available in BlackBerry App World? You got that right. PlayBook’s going to bridge you right into other App spaces, like Android Market, for example.

Don’t take our word for it, the guys over at Inside BlackBerry, the official BlackBerry Blog, have already seen it first hand. And now you can too.

Have a look at the Android App Player for BlackBerry PlayBook:

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