Amazon’s New Distribution Centers Suggest Kindle Tablet Coming Soon

The rapid construction of two new distribution centers tell us Amazon is getting ready to release their new Kindle tablet, and just in time for the holiday season. 

We’re not kidding about this.

Outside of Chattanooga NC in Hamilton County, Amazon is moving very quickly and building one of two brand new 1 million square-foot distribution centers – due to be turned over to Amazon by the end of September 2011.

The other is based in Bradley County near Charleston TN, and it was just turned over to Amazon on Thursday, September 15, 2011.

Amazon said it’s investing nearly $139 million in the two massive distribution centers, with plans to hire 1600 full-time employees, and as many as 2000 part-time employees during the holiday season.

You can make a sure bet that Amazon is on the brink of making some big announcements and preparing for some heavy volume during the holiday season.

New Kindle tablet incoming, we can feel it!

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