4G Samsung Galaxy Tabs Announced

While we’re still battling the details on the upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1 release, we do have some information confirming the release of 4G Galaxy Tab’s as early as the end of this year.J.K. Shin of Samsung Mobile

There’s not a whole lot to tell you about here folks, just some comments made by by J.K. Shin, President of Samsung Mobile. According to Morningstar, Shin recently made the following comments to the Dow Jones Newswire, proving 4G Galaxy Tab’s are in the works, and coming up!

“The race for 4G has already started, and the 4G transition is inevitable. Particularly for tablets, because they require faster download speeds than smartphones to handle bigger volume content”.

“The new 4G tablets will be an evolution of, and an enhanced version of Galaxy Tab models”.

Shin went on to suggest the 4G Galaxy Tab’s could be available as early as the end of 2011, though they are more likely to hit the field early 2012. Samsung is already eying up 4G partners in South Korea.

Source: Morningstar.

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