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Notion Ink Adam Tablets Gets Kindle E-Reader Support

The Adam tablet by Notion Ink now supports Amazon Kindle, so you can expand your library son!

Notion Ink Adam UI Improvements & The Calling Card for a New OS

Have a sneak peek at the new user interface improvements coming to Notion Ink Adam, and find out more about Notion Ink’s mission to create a new operating system. Yup! That’s another OS in the tablet mix, folks.

Bounty Issued for Android Honeycomb on Notion Ink Adam

The Notion Ink community is eager to get their hands on Android 3.0 Honeycomb. With fans growing eager, there’s currently a bounty in excess of one thousand dollars if you can deliver the goods.

Notion Ink Preorder 2 Email Revealed

After posting our news story about the Adam pre-order announcement earlier today, we decided to check out the trusty old e-mail box and found our very own invitation!

Notion Ink Adam Tablet Preorders Are Back Again

The flood gates are open with an announcement of more Notion Ink Adam pre-orders.

Notion Ink Adam Team Expands for Android Honeycomb

Notion Ink expands to handle Android Honeycomb development, among other pleasant Notion Ink announcements.

Notion Ink Announces Next Preorder and Adam 2

Next pre-order phase for Notion Ink Adam tablet announced, along with plans for Adam 2.

Notion Ink Promises to Fix Bricked Adam Tablets

While the root of the software update killing the Adam tablet issue is clouded in mystery, Rohan Shravan, CEO of Notion Ink, released a brief statement regarding their resolution. He said, “our team will get in touch with all the individual customers and help them install the software update, so there are no bricking issues.” [...]

Notion Ink Adam Released with Upgrade Issue

Now that the first wave of Notion Ink Adam tablets are hitting the hands of consumers, we find a new problem that could kill your Adam tablet.

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