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HP TouchPad Revival? No Chance.

Of all the disasters in tablet history, albeit short lived, HP holds the biggest flop.

HP TouchPad 4G Pricing & Release Date

HP today announced that the HP TouchPad 4G will be available exclusively in the United States on the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network.

HP Announces webOS Pivot for HP TouchPad

HP just announced HP webOS Pivot, providing users an entertaining and informative editorial resource for discovering webOS 3.0 applications for the HP TouchPad, which launches July 1.

BestBuy Launches HP TouchPad Page

The HP TouchPad is among a plethora of tablets about to hit the market. While we’re closely watching the new Galaxy Tab’s, we’ve got our eyes on TouchPad as well. And guess who just spring up at BestBuy? Yup.

The New HP Field House and the HP Marketing Effort

HP Field House Marketing Explained

Taking its relationship with Walt Disney World Resorts to the next level, HP revealed the HP Field House at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida. And guess what, its not just another way to capitalize on cheesy merchandising.

New Eminem Music Video Featuring Dr.Dre and HP TouchPad

Eminem just released a music video for his new track, “I Need a Doctor”. Aside from lyrical prowess and fresh beats from Dr. Dre, this music video has a few HP TouchPad cameo appearances worth mentioning.

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