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Preorder Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Now

Amazon just released full details of their Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. Pre-order it today, right here.

New Kindle: Amazon New York City Event

Amazon is expected to officially announce their upcoming Android tablet at a press conference event in New York City.

Amazon’s New Distribution Centers Suggest Kindle Tablet Coming Soon

The rapid construction of two new distribution centers tell us Amazon is getting ready to release their new Kindle tablet, and just in time for the holiday season. 

Amazon Kindle Tablet Details Emerge

Amazon Kindle Tablet

Amazon redesigned and improved Kindle, and is finally entering the tablet market. The all new Amazon Kindle Tablet is on the way. Find out what to expect.

New Amazon Tablet is Closer to Reality

A legit tablet by Amazon may be closer to becoming a reality than we previously thought. New orders with Taiwanese manufacturer’s are stirring up some new thoughts about when the Amazon tablet may be available. 

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