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Microsoft Surface Tablets at Costco

The bandwagon is moving fast and everyone’s jumping in. It’s Microsoft Surface tablet days at Costco. Well, not really. But the big chain is going to start carrying Surface tablets really soon. Check out the price list.

Microsoft Sells 1 Million Surface Tablets Q4 2012

How many surface tablets did Microsoft sell during the fourth quarther of 2012? One million. No joke.

Introducing Samsung Windows 8 Tablets – Series 5 and Series 7 Slate PC’s

SAMSUNG Introduces New Slate PCS Featuring Windows 8 and Detachable Keyboard. The new PC offers users the best of both worlds – an easily portable slate and a fully equipped laptop – in one stylish product.

More About Windows 8 for Tablets

Let’s revisit some profound predictions by our team regarding Windows 8 for tablets. We just cant make this stuff up!

Samsung Windows 8 Tablet Features & Pictures Revealed

Samsung Windows 8 Tablet

We were spot on about Samsung revealing a new Windows 8 tablet during the Microsoft BUILD developer conference this week. Have a peek at these sweet new details.

Windows 8 Developers Preview: Features, Screenshots, Highlights

Today at its developer-focused BUILD conference, Microsoft showcased a detailed preview of the next major release of Windows. The company also detailed new tools for developers to help write applications for more than 1 billion people around the world who use Windows every day.

Samsung Windows 8 Tablet Coming

Samsung is getting ready to release details of their new Windows 8 tablet PC, but just where in the world could this be happening.

How Tablets Make Your Future Badass

Microsoft is clearly behind in terms of getting some new age tablets to the market. But the reality is, the end to end Microsoft solution really has an appeal to it.

Our First Look at Windows 8 for Tablets Validates All Predictions


My predictions about Windows 8 being one unified operating system across all form factors is absolutely validated today with Microsoft’s unveiling of Windows 8.

What’s up with Microsoft’s Windows 8 Damage Control?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been running his mouth in public places lately, and the company he’s spearheading is trying to cover up the truth which he speaks. Yeah I said it.

Why is Microsoft Being so Quiet About Tablets These Days?

If you havent noticed, aside from a few minor Windows 7 tablet releases, Microsoft has been laying particularly low these days when it comes to tablets. Is Microsoft’s current absence within the tablet market some kind of false reality, or perhaps a giant distraction? Lets dig a little deeper and get the wheels spinning a [...]

Windows 8 Leaks & The Future of Windows Tablets Revealed

Windows 8 Leaks

The Windows 8 beta release is out there, and its presence is allowing the Windows faithful to have their first look at Microsoft’s next operating system. But what do we really know about Windows 8, and how is it shaping up for tablets? Let’s have a look at the recent Windows 8 leaks, and see [...]

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