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HBO Now Available on Apple iPad

HBO subscription now available for Apple iPad.

How to Enable Facetime on iPad

Learn how to enable and start FaceTime on iPad.

How to Setup Find My iPad App to Locate Lost or Stolen iPad

Learn how to setup and enable Find My iPad to help you locate your lost or stolen iPad.

How to Tell which Apps are Draining My Battery on iPad with iOS 8

Learn how to find out which Apps are draining your battery life on iPad using iOS 8, and do something about it!

How to Start and Stop Background Apps from Running on iPad

Learn how to start and stop background Apps from refreshing and running on your iPad.

iPad Help: Cant Open Apps

Cant open apps on your iPad even though they were working before? We have all been there, and there’s a simple fix.

Video: Blogsy Makes Blogging on iPad an Absolute Joy

Hey there Tablet fans! It’s been a long time since we showed you some of the neat things you can do on your iPads, and I’m absolutely in love with a great new app called Blogsy.

Time Warner Legal Dispute Over Cable App for iPad

It wasn’t long ago that major cable companies like Time Warner began releasing iPad apps which allow users to stream Cable TV to their iPad’s. This user friendly feature adds an instant benefit to any home fighting for television real estate. But big media companies are disrupting your happy home, and they’re currently yanking some [...]

Atari’s Greatest Hits for iPad

Take a walk down memory lane with Atari’s Greatest Hits for iPad, a free download from the App Store. Get your retro games back today!

The iCade Cabinet for iPad is Retro Gaming Done Right

Today Atari released 100 classic titles on the App Store, expanding iPad owners already impressive access to an incredible library of retro games on iOS. The most exciting part? They will all function perfectly with the forthcoming iCade accessory, which turns your iPad into a fully functioning retro arcade cabinet!

Interview with Ali Davar, CEO of Zite

Pursuant to recent news about publishers lashing out at Zite over intellectual property concerns, we decided to ask Ali Davar, CEO of Zite, a few key questions.

Hey, That Ain’t Zite!

Major news organizations rally together and issue cease-and-desist letters to Zite, accusing their user friendly news app of stealing intellectual property, and adversely impacting their businesses.

Video: PhotoBooth’s Kaleidoscope

I was playing with PhotoBooth on iPad last night and realized that the kaleidoscope feature is a lot more interactive than I anticipated. I made a video of it just for fun, so if you’re interested, check it out. When fully zoomed out, you can have what looks like dozens if not hundreds of individual [...]

Video: Wi-Fi Only iPad 2 GPS Navigation

Wi-Fi Only iPad 2 with GPS Navigation

If you’re an iPhone owner, it appears that you don’t need to purchase a 3G model of the iPad if you want to use it on the go. Not only can you share your iPhone’s data connection with the iPad via personal hotspot, but the phone will also pass GPS information to the iPad when [...]

iPad 2 Demo Video: Cameras, iMovie, Dead Space and Infinity Blade

TakeĀ a video tour of some of the new features of the iPad 2. Particularly the new cameras, iMovie, and some of the high end games from the App Store which were updated to take advantage of the iPad 2′s incredible horsepower.

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