iPad Help: Cant Open Apps

Cant open apps on your iPad even though they were working before? We have all been there, and there’s a simple fix.

New iPad users may find these symptoms to be extremely concerning:

When trying to open an app, it appears to open for a second or two, the screen flickers black when attempting to open it, and the app closes. No error message.

Huh? Now all my other sweet Apps arent opening either?

Fear not, there are a few simple fixes you can try:

Synchronize your iPad, reboot it, or to download a new free App. Believe it or not, the last one actually always works.

Double tap the Home button on your iPad. This will bring up your App tray, or all of the Apps which you have left open unknowingly. You need to close some of these down so other Apps can be used.

To close some open Apps and clear the way for others to run smoothly, simply press any App icon in the app tray and hold it down. A red circle with a minus sign will appear in the corner of the App icon. Press the red circle to shut down the App.

Viola! After closing some of your Apps, you can finally get back to your Plants vs Zombies binge.

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