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Android Market Launches In-App Billing But Takes 30% From Developers

The Android team at Google made good on their promise to deliver In-App Billing services this week. Developers can now use these powerful new features to further monetize their Apps, but they’re going to be paying the vig to get it done.

DIY Wireless Mirroring With iPad 2

This is a pretty sweet Do-It-Yourself piece of work that definitely offers a glimpse at the future of giving presentations. This video demonstrates how you can get real time video mirroring output from your iPad 2 to any HD screen wirelessly, and with nothing but a few off the shelf components!

WWDC Invites and Rumors Point to Future of iOS

Apple has announced the dates for WorldWide Developer Conference 2011, and they come with some pretty solid information about the future of iOS and thus the iPad.

Polycom to Extend Mobile Telepresence to Motorola Xoom

Motorola and Polycom have teamed up to deliver enterprise quality mobile video and content solutions. Have a look at the official press release to get your feet wet and understand what this means for tablets.

Android Market In-App Billing is Open to Developers, Official Release Imminent

While Android developers cringe over the news that Honeycomb will not be open source for the masses in the short term, Google does deliver on their promise to introduce Android Market In-App Billing. Phase one of In-App Billing for Android Market is here, launch is just around the corner, and Android developers can begin testing IAB right away.

Solar Powered iPad Case Loaded with Features Coming Soon

Solar Powered iPad Case

The tablet market is an explosive wonderland of innovation and opportunity, and aside from the very nature of the tablet form factor reducing your carbon footprint, there’s some cool new accessories coming out that will take going Green to the next level.

Could Amazon be Android’s Tablet Salvation?

Amazon Could be Android's Tablet Salvation

Looking at the huge tablet announcements coming out today from Samsung, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of CES nostalgia. While it’s impressive how quickly the competition has reacted to Apple’s standard-setting iPad sequel, it undeniably had the same ‘me too’ feeling that belagured the tablet competition at CES. What real advantages are these [...]

iPad 2 Being Unleashed in 25 Additional Countries This Friday

Apple today announced that iPad 2 will go on sale in 25 additional countries this Friday, March 25th, despite the current 5-6 week backorder on iPad 2 orders in the US.

Redesigned Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Specifications, Release Date, and Pricing


It wasn’t too long ago that Samsung VP’s were saying their Galaxy Tab 10.1 was inadequate compared to the new iPad. Well, that’s changed completely. Have a look at the specifications and details of the all new, beautifully redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Official Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pictures Leaked

After doing some heavy digging in the Samsung website root directories, we’ve landed all of the official Galaxy Tab 10.1 press photos, way before they’re officially released. Check them out, they’re as legit as it gets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Details and Specifications Revealed


After weeks of anticipation, Samsung Mobility finally revealed the 8.9″ Galaxy Tab in all its glory. Get the first images and detailed specifications straight from CTIA 2011.

BlackBerry PlayBook: Pre-Order, Pricing, and Release Date Revealed

After months of speculation and a loose April release date confirmed for what feels like ages, RIM finally blows the lid off the can by revealing all of the details about the upcoming PlayBook tablet release.

Tablet Replaces Teleprompter at CTIA 2011 FCC Keynote Address

At the CTIA 2011 keynote address hosted by Sprint and the FCC, we are afforded our first look at how tablets are quite honestly replacing teleprompters.

First Image of Sony Tablet Revealed

There has long been talks of a Sony Ericsson tablet. We believe we have the very first image of it right here. Check it out!

Two Ways to Get Dell Streak 5 for $99

If you’re dying to get your hands on an Android tablet, we have two ways you can grab a Dell Streak 5 for just $99!

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